The Dresden State Art Collections (SKD) present the anniversary exhibition of and for Gerhard Richter.

Born in Dresden, he had planned, designed and preserved it for a long time and therefore made it a gift for himself, said the head of the Gerhard Richter archive, Dietmar Elger, before the opening. “Gerhard Richter. Glass portraits. Abstractions” include central themes in his work, said SKD Managing Director Marion Ackermann. “It is a very precise, but also modest exhibition, which presents the essence of his work with great intensity.”

Until May 1, 40 works are gathered in three rooms, coming from the possession of Richter, his art foundation and private collections as well as loans from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) New York, the Albertina Vienna, Hamburger Kunsthalle and Museum Ludwig Cologne. . Richter brought his family together around the 1996 MoMa self-portrait: portraits of daughters Betty and Ella and sons Moritz and Theo as well as the series “S. with a child”. There are also landscape paintings, “including some have a very personal and very emotional background,” Elger said.

Work from a charity auction

The meter-high picture “Fels” is a reminder that the detailed presentation of Richter’s work in Dresden was started 20 years ago. He had donated it for an auction after the flood disaster in 2002 and the buyer offered it to the SKD as a permanent loan. Her husband has “a very strong connection to his hometown” and is very supportive of the archive and their work, Richter’s wife, Sabine Moritz, told the German Press Agency. You, Ella and Moritz are present at the opening of the exhibition, the artist is absent. “He doesn’t want to travel anymore,” his wife said. But if he changed his position, “he would definitely come here”.

Among the abstractions is his very last large abstract image with issue 952-4 from 2017. Richter had said that work on such works would be completed in 2019. “It was a factual decision, the emotional regret is definitely there” , said Sabine Moritz, who is an artist herself. In a room are collected works that have not been created in a pictorial way: mirrors, stained glass or colored panels that occur like the reflection of a skull in which the viewer sees himself covered – next to a “band “one meter long on the wall.

Richter, who lives in Cologne, is considered the most gifted living painter of all, tops artist charts worldwide, and his works are exhibited in the world’s most important modern art museums. (dpa)