Gboard’s settings have kept growing to the point that it is a bit difficult to find the corresponding setting. In addition to dressing for Material You, Gboard has revamped its settings to make it a bit easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

The main change is that the previous search menu disappears and emojis, stickers and GIFs arrive, a specific section for all the media that can be attached from the keyboard and which over time has taken on more. in addition to importance on the Google keyboard.

Changes to Gboard settings

The next time you go into Gboard’s settings to change settings, you might be surprised: several settings have changed places, so much so that the Search section has disappeared and, in its place, come Emojis, stickers and GIFs.

In this submenu dedicated exclusively to multimedia elements, you will find all the settings related to emojis, for example if you want to add a key to switch to the emoji keyboard or if you want to add the quick access line for emojis.

It also includes other related functions that were previously divided into other sections, for example if you want the predictive content search to include GIFs, emojis and stickers, as well as whether you want emojis or stickers. are suggested to you when writing. These options were previously buried in the Spellcheck section.

These changes seem to activate all users with GBoard 10.8.06 beta or later, available in the Gboard beta program on Google Play and as an APK, although it is predictable that it will eventually reach everyone, regardless of the Android version.

Gboard: the Google keyboard

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