One of the new things to the Google Pixel with the “Feature Drop” in June was the new smart clipboard, a new feature that makes it easier to copy and paste addresses or phone numbers.

Until now, this feature was on by default and there was no way to turn it off, but with the latest beta of the Gboard keyboard, Google allows us to turn off this smart clipboard.

How to turn off Gboard’s smart clipboard

Currently, if you copy text that includes postal addresses, email addresses, web links, and / or phones, Gboard’s clipboard will recognize each field and separate them as if we had copied each field separately. This is very useful since at a given moment you can copy several addresses or phone numbers and then be able to paste them one by one into a text.

If you don’t like Gboard filling your clipboard with suggestions with addresses and phone numbers that it recognized in the copied text, you can turn this feature off from settings.

To do this, you need to update Gboard to the latest beta, then go to Settings> Clipboard so you can turn off the new option “Show information in recently copied text, such as addresses or phone numbers. “.

Once this option is disabled, when copying a text including addresses or phone numbers, only the copied text will be copied to the clipboard and it will stop suggesting those text fragments with addresses and phone numbers. telephone.

Gboard: the Google keyboard

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