The Xiaomi Mix 4 was launched at the beginning of the month with a difference compared to the rest of the mobiles in the house: it did not include the surname Mi, which has been ubiquitous in various mobiles and gadgets in the house for ten years now. As a Xiaomi official confirmed to XDA, it wouldn’t be the last.

According to this information, future Xiaomi product launches will not have “Mi” in their name, so instead of meeting the Xiaomi Mi 12, it would be the Xiaomi 12, and so on with the rest of the launches happening.

Xiaomi without Mi

Samsung has Galaxy, Sony has Xperia, Motorola uses Moto and Xiaomi has always had in the West the surname Mi attached to the names of its terminals and all kinds of products, from robot vacuum cleaners to televisions. That is about to change, as a company official confirmed to XDA.

In your home country, China, the nomenclature is somewhat different. Xiaomi mobiles in China are not called Mi, they are simply Xiaomi. The Xiaomi Mi 11 in China is called Xiaomi 11, although the new Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 tablets include the Mi surname, which is also present on TVs and some gadgets.

In the past, Lei Jun has explained the two meanings of this Mi surname. On the one hand, they stand for Mobile Internet, in addition to Mission Impossible, trying to accomplish a task that seems impossible. Or at least it looked like it, in 2011.

Going without the Mi surname would mean homogenizing the names inside and outside of China, although it remains to be seen how much of the change will begin to apply, if confirmed. Xiaomi has been calling us for a few weeks to launch new products, including the Xiaomi Mi 11T … or the Xiaomi 11T.

Via | XDA