Google continues to add more and more connected home equipment to its catalog and this time, they announced the launch for the end of August of a new generation of cameras and video intercoms under the Nest brand: the Google Nest Cam and the Google Nest Doorbell.

These are two models that connect via WiFi with the user’s mobile and which in both cases have a built-in lithium battery so that they can be used without the need for a cable.

Smarter and with Full HD resolution

New Nest computers have improved when it comes to sending user notifications and are now able to identify important events that occur in and around the home. In this way, they can send notifications in the event of events related to people, animals, vehicles or even if we have received a package.

For this, they have an image processing system within the device itself, without resorting to the cloud and thus avoiding detection and warning errors in the event of an Internet connection failure. In-device processing also means that these features can be used immediately, without the need to subscribe to services.

The new indoor and outdoor Nest Cam and the Nest Doorbell will be equipped with Full HD (1080p) image sensors with HDR and a built-in night vision system, allowing, according to the manufacturer, a sharp viewing angle at distances of 20 cm from the camera. door.

Battery powered, they can be installed anywhere without a power outlet, but can also be wired to be permanently plugged in (8-24 VAC, 10 VA, 50/60 Hz transformer required). Plus, they’re compatible with the rest of the Nest connected home equipment so they can connect to the manufacturer’s Hub and interconnect with other devices to provide more functionality.

They’re also fully integrated with the Google Home app, so you can access all compatible home devices from one central location. And if you want, you can take out a Nest Aware subscription (for 5 euros per month) which extends the history of video events from 3 hours to 30 days.

Nest doorbell

The doorbell will feature four types of smart alerts by default: packages, people, animals and vehicles, with a 3-hour history of video events and the ability to create activity zones. It will have a camera with a 6x zoom and a 3: 4 aspect ratio field of view.

Nest Doorbell will include a wedge-shaped bracket with a 20 ° angle to mount near the door and we can set up a speaker or Nest display to play a tone when the doorbell is pressed.

It will also work even in the event of a power or WiFi network failure, thanks to the fact that it has local memory and battery backup with the ability to store up to an hour of video locally. When the device recovers the connection, it downloads the recordings to the history.

Pricing and availability

The new Nest Cams and the Nest Doorbell video intercom can now be booked on the manufacturer’s website for $ 199.99 in both cases, though they won’t go on sale until August 24, 2021.

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