There is a showdown with the issue of the notch and front camera of future iPhones. Last weekend Mark Gurman already spoke about it by affirming his arrival, now new rumors offer us a little more information and add weight to the predictions.

From the reduced notch to the camera in a hole in record time

As posted by the leaker @dylandkt, with a large prediction hit rate, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will have a front camera system in the form of an elongated hole in the screen. This would be possible thanks to the fact that the sensors necessary for the operation of Face ID would be hidden behind the screen. The leaker, moreover, assured that the reliability of Face ID will remain the same in its new location.

Over a year ago, Ming-Chi Kuo started talking to us about the possibility that the two iPhones with the Pro surname of 2022 might lack the notch. Since then, the information contained in this prediction has reappeared successively, sometimes in contradictory ways. Ross Young, the display analyst, also told us about this design. The latest that we know comes from Mark Gurman, who in the latest edition of his newsletter said that at least some iPhone 14 models will have a screen-piercing camera.

A change which, if true, has been underway for a long time.

Against these predictions, we can say that Apple has just redesigned the notch of the iPhone 13. A redesign that hardly makes sense if you were to eliminate it completely in the next version of the iPhone. The key here is that the iPhone 14 with no last name Pro would continue to use the notch. A step that, to our knowledge, could remain in the entry-level range of iPhones for several years.

Another theory, given the strength of the rumors that told us about a notch-less iPhone last year, was that Apple was already in plans to remove the notch from the Pro models of the iPhone 13. Something that would have made sense, well the iPhone 13 would have had a smaller notch and the 13 Pro would have eliminated it. The truth is that the sanitary situation has forced, to our knowledge, important changes in the plans of the apparatuses.

There are reviews of all kinds on the front camera piercing the screen. While some may prefer a notch stuck to the phone’s bezel rather than a loose hole, the truth is that the key to it all lies in the software. The integration of this element depends on how the system reacts to it. A reaction much easier to manage with the iPhone vertically than horizontally for that matter.

However, it looks like this September we could see the notch disappearing altogether, at least in a few iPhones that will be featured. A change we’ve been talking about almost since the launch of the iPhone X itself.