A few months ago, we found out that Apple already had the option of bringing iMessage to Android in mind, but ultimately decided against it in order to maintain some exclusivity on the platform. However, it looks like Android users will see some of the functionality of iMessage.

In 9to5Google, they were able to verify that the reactions to messages that we can put in iMessage are sent as simple emojis on Android. It’s a novelty that is starting to spread right now, so it may not be activated everywhere yet.

May my reactions also become your reactions

Some people have even started to see how Android interprets reactions from iMessage as reactions from Google’s own messenger.

If you only use iMessage with people who also have iPhone, you won’t notice any of this because the recipients of your messages will see the same as what you see on your screen. But for those iMessage exclusive details that you send to someone with an Android terminal, the reactions to the messages (the tapback as it can be read in macOS), will be sent as a simple emoji.

Additionally, depending on which version of Android you have, the RCS system may interpret these reactions as reactions from Google’s own messenger so that everything looks the same no matter what platform you use.

Would this be a first step for traditional SMS messaging platforms to start merging or at least become fully compatible? It will show. In Spain, everyone has gotten used to WhatsApp, but in countries like the United States, iMessage is so ubiquitous that this news becomes important.