Spotify released Fusions, playlists that combine the musical tastes of two people. Thanks to them, you can find out which artists and songs you have in common with another person. And Spotify will create a specially dedicated playlist for you.

Listening to streaming music is important for a music content platform, but it is not enough for users: in addition to maintaining a large catalog, applications should offer recommendations and tools for discovering new music. There, Spotify grew strong, determined to maintain its hegemony. Even with a big social component, as is the case with the latest innovation of the platform: Mergers. Like Goten and Trunks, but applied to music.

Personalized recommendations for two people

Fusion is a combination of the musical tastes of two people to create a playlist of songs they both love. The key to the new feature is to find out how similar two Spotify users are; while both get a playlist that, in theory, both users like it equally. Quite a challenge, especially when it seems like there aren’t any like-minded artists.

Spotify Fusion, or “Blend” for its English term, is now available on mobile applications. It is suitable for both Premium users of the application as well as those who do not pay to listen to music, you just have to know which person you are going to meet your tastes with and send them an invitation. Spotify takes care of the rest.

To create a new playlist made with Fusion, you need to perform the following steps:

Open the Spotify app and go to the search tab. Take a look at the “Especially for you” option. Click here. At the top you will see the “Music for two” area. Click the “+” of “Create Merge”. Click on “Invitation” and choose the Spotify user with whom you want to cross your musical tastes to create a personalized list. When the other person accepts the invitation, Spotify will show you the percentage of music affinity you maintain. This will also give you a combo playlist. You can access the playlist from the “Music for two” section: all Mergers will be saved there.

Spotify will update the Fusion charts daily. These lists can be saved to be listened to offline if you are a Premium user; and online and with ads if you don’t pay for a subscription. You can create as many merges as you want, just invite any Spotify users you want (or you can let them invite you).

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