Petrol and diesel prices have completely skyrocketed in Spain, which, added to the very high inflation, does not help the pocket too much. Finding the cheapest gas station is a priority for many and luckily there are apps that can help us do that.

In recent days, the Gasolina y Diesel España application has added and added downloads. It reached over 100,000, with an average rating of 4.6 stars. We explain how to use it to find the cheapest gas stations in your area.

A list of gas stations at the best price

Gasolina y Diesel España is a humble application, but with excellent performance. First, the app orders us, from lowest to highest, the fuel prices in our area. So, at a glance, we will know which gas station is the cheapest and where it is. It has integration with Google Maps

The only downside we have found is that for some small, low-cost gas stations, the data may take a bit longer to update. However, the list is still useful for pricing. In addition to displaying current data, it shows the history of price progress over the past few days.

The thing does not end there, and it is that we can also establish a route and show the cheapest gas stations along the way. In the same way we can select the gas stations where we want to refuel, in case we want to remove a company that we do not like from the list.

The application has an exceptional performance and in these times it is a great help in saving us a few euros per deposit. It is completely free and has some ads, but very little intrusive.

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