The film has been his dream project for many years: now director Francis Ford Coppola finally wants to make his sci-fi epic “Megalopolis” come true.

San Francisco (dpa) – Oscar winner Francis Ford Coppola (82, “The Godfather”, “Apocalypse Now”) wants to tackle his longtime film project “Megalopolis” with a million dollar budget from his own pocket.

“I want to keep doing the project of my dreams, even if it has to be with my own money,” the star director told “”. The industry portal reported on Tuesday that it had set $ 100 million for it. As a result, Coppola aims to start filming in the fall of 2022. He is now in negotiations with actors and already has a “big cast” together, the filmmaker said.

According to the report, Coppola has planned roles for stars like Cate Blanchett, Zendaya, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jessica Lange, Oscar Isaac, Forest Whitaker and James Caan.

The director and screenwriter had already spoken of “Megalopolis” in the 1990s. The planned future utopia will take place in a futuristic New York. However, Coppola likens the concept to a Roman epic in the style of “Ben Hur”. He wanted to address young people and show a society that is trying to cope with big problems.

Coppola, who was an amateur winemaker and businessman in Northern California for many years, released a new version of “The Godfather III” (1990) last year, the third installment in his iconic Mafia trilogy. . In “The Godfather – The Death of Michael Corleone – Epilog”, Coppola changed the beginning and the end, among other things.