– Has the fear of war gone away?

– NATO-US offensive against Russia, Bayard gave Javelin missiles to Ukraine: Putin threatens to impose personal sanctions

Paris: Good signs have emerged after two hours of Russia-Ukraine talks in Paris. At this stage the fear of war ends. France and Germany also played an important role in mediating the talks. It is well known that Russia deployed heavy military forces along its border with Ukraine as well as neighboring Belarus, Ukraine.

If in this situation the President of the United States. Byrd also threatened to impose heavy sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his girlfriend. He also called for full arms assistance to Ukraine. Observers say the threats have softened Putin.

“Despite disagreements on all issues, we remain committed to a ceasefire in the eastern part of eastern Ukraine,” Russian Ambassador Dmigi Kozak said after the talks. There will be a meeting in Berlin in the next two weeks and we hope Ukraine will understand. The result will come in the next two weeks.

A German government source confirmed that the second round of talks would take place in Berlin. The good news is that Russia and Ukraine have agreed on a joint statement for the first time since 2014. Now it remains to be seen whether both the countries stick to the ceasefire agreement or not.