It seems that little by little we are starting to come out of the well. The logistics and components crisis has been plaguing the global market for many months now, but Bloomberg reports that there are beginning to be signs of better shipments and fewer shortages. And that data comes from none other than Foxconn, one of Apple’s biggest suppliers.

A more relieved 2022 and a 2023 that returns to normal

Foxconn spokesman James Wu assured that we will have a noticeable improvement in component availability in the remainder of the first quarter of this year, and over the following months there will also be improved shipments of these components and products.

But this does not completely resolve the crisis. Other vendors have already warned that we will continue to experience delivery issues for the rest of the year, particularly in the power management chips that many electronic devices carry. For now, to avoid repeating the mistakes of 2021, many companies should stockpile and fill their warehouses in case a new wave of the pandemic causes problems again.

Very ambitious plans are also underway to decentralize the manufacture of key components which until now have been located in a single country. the European Union, for example, plans to invest 43,000 million euros to no longer depend on Asian and American manufacturers.

For Apple users, this should mean reduced wait times for iPhone, iPad, Mac or accessory orders. Especially in custom IT configurations, which in 2021 took two months in some cases. Tim Cook is a logistics wizard, so he had to do his part to speed up shipping in 2022.

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