FaceTime calls have several advantages, especially since iOS 15, compared to traditional calls. In addition to its encryption, with which we can be sure that only our interlocutor and we participate in the conversation, its greater bandwidth guarantees a sound quality far superior to traditional calls. A communication system that we can easily use on our Apple Watch, let’s see four ways to do it.

Different shapes according to our needs

Starting a FaceTime call on the Apple Watch is very simple and depending on the needs of each moment we can do it in different ways. The first and easiest is to use Siri. A simple “Hey Siri, call mom”, both on the Apple Watch itself and on the connected AirPods, will initiate the communication.

Another great option is to start the call from a conversation in the Messages app. It is common that sometimes a written conversation requires a little more. Starting a FaceTime call from Messages is very simple, the steps to follow, knowing that we already have the conversation open, are as follows:

We scroll down the list of quick replies. We touch Details. We touch the button on the phone. We chose FaceTime audio.

The third option to consider is to access the Phone app. A highly recommended option if we want to return some missed calls. The steps to follow are:

We open the Phone app on our Apple Watch. We go to Recents. We play the call we want to return or repeat.

Note that “Audio FaceTime” must appear next to the call, otherwise we will make a traditional phone call. Note also that apart from the Recents, we have at our disposal Favorites, for our favorite contacts, and Contacts for the complete list.

A list that we can also access from the Contacts application, this is the fourth way to start a call. We simply open the application, choose our interlocutor and touch the phone button. After that we choose Audio FaceTime. Nothing more.

So there are several ways to start a FaceTime call from our Apple Watch. Something similar to what already happens with the iPhone, where, although with slightly different steps, these four methods work exactly like on the Apple Watch. In the end, depending on where we are in the system, we can choose one way or another to start a call.

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