Attacks on temples increased in Bangladesh after Pakistan

Uproar over the imam of the mosque, Hindus prevented from going to the temple, bhajan kirtan, police convoy deployed

Police arrested 10, the situation in the whole area tense, Hindus scared

Dhaka: After Pakistan, attacks on Hindu temples have increased in Bangladesh. Not only temples were vandalized in Bangladesh’s Khulna district, but more than 100 houses and shops of Hindus were also vandalized. Police have increased security by arresting ten people.

There was a fierce fight between Hindus and Muslims in Shaili village here on Friday night. After which the mob of Muslims ransacked Hindu temples and houses. The first target was the style of the Mahashamshan temple here.

Where the idols kept in the temple were broken. Later, Hari Mandir, Durga Mandir and Govinda Mandir were also vandalised. Six shops and around 100 houses of all Hindus were also ransacked.

According to the Shrutnik report, four temples were vandalized in a single day. Police have been deployed in the entire area. From here the Hindus were going to the temple instead of doing kirtan bhajans. A mosque came in the middle, during which they were also singing hymns.

However, the imam of the mosque stopped the Hindus from raising the slogans. And asked not to sing bhajans in front of the mosque. After a scuffle between the two, a mob of over 100 Muslims ran towards the Hindu temple and ransacked the temple. At the same time, they ransacked and ransacked the houses of Hindus.