When it comes to getting a device to improve Wi-Fi coverage at home, we can opt for different solutions: improving the placement of the router, knowing where there is interference with neighbors, choosing the more appropriate and its bandwidth. One of the most convenient is to use a WiFi repeater. Without cables and complex installations, this device carries the Wi-Fi signal to almost every corner and this Xiaomi model, the Xiaomi MI WiFi Range Extender, is currently one of the cheapest.

Xiaomi’s Wi-Fi extender is now on sale on Amazon at a price close to its all-time low. For only 8.59 euros you can get it. A device that provides coverage in the 2.4 GHz band offering speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

Up to 24 connected devices

When the network doesn’t reach a room and you can’t use the cable, you can always choose to use a powerline adapter or Wi-Fi repeater like this one from Xiaomi. A model that responds to the name of Xiaomi MI WiFi Range Extender and which is now on Amazon at 8.59 euros.

For under $10, you can fix coverage issues at home by bringing the internet to a room where Wi-Fi doesn’t reach. Simply plug in the extender, open the Xiaomi Home app, search for the device, and add it to your home network. It is responsible for extending the Wi-Fi network from the original router.

To achieve its purpose, it has two external antennas to increase the range, allows the connection of up to 24 devices and offers coverage between 80 and 150 square meters.

The Xiaomi Wi-Fi extender is compatible with the 2.4 GHz network which, although it offers less speed, offers better coverage. You must take this into account if your router is one of those that also supports the 5 Ghz band with which this model is not compatible.

Also, this extender does not offer WPA 2 AES security, which means that the network it creates does not have protection like the original network may have, so it is advised that when extension of the network, it is not accessible from areas outside the house.

However, these limits are understood if one sees the context and the price. If you want to carry the Wi-Fi signal and your house does not have several floors, where this model can have problems, getting the Xiaomi MI WiFi Range Extender now, for less than 10 euros, can be a good alternative.

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