Can we do something with the iPhone and its range of accessories, to save something in the face of new increases in brightness? Of course, and I’m not talking about recharging the phone at certain times (consumption is laughable). Let’s take advantage of this great ally that is HomeKit and review what we can do in a few minutes to be able to minimize our electricity consumption and save money.

Use reminders so more expensive schedules don’t catch you off guard

One simple thing we can do first is to set up entry and / or exit warnings for the most expensive time slots in order to waste energy. The Reminders app is perfect for this, and more if, for example, you’re working from home:

In this example, I have used two reminders to notify the start of the most expensive sections by mentioning the end in its own name, although you can also choose to make two more reminders to notify you when the average cost hours start.

Of course, the reminders must be repeated every working day of the week (weekends and holidays the rate is always the cheapest). We will achieve this by choosing the custom weekly repetition in which we can mark which days of the week we want the reminder to be activated:

You will be able to react by switching off certain other high-power household appliances that you can do without as soon as you receive these notifications. We may also, for example, cancel these notices and choose to receive notifications when low cost hours begin in order to better schedule something like laundry.

Smart plugs are your best friends

If you have HomeKit compatible smart plugs like Eve Energy, you can use them on devices like water heaters or stoves / radiators. They are generally responsible for the highest energy consumption in a home.

In the bottom bar of the iPhone House app you have the “Automations” section, with which you can set, for example, that the heating turns on early in the morning and turns off before 8 a.m. so that the Shower water is hot out of the more expensive sections:

In this example, I took advantage of the fact that the TV is also connected to a smart outlet and added it to turn off early in the morning:

Another trick that you can do thanks to the automation (and if you live alone), is to turn off all devices when you leave your home, also perfect so that the distraught can leave in peace:

Check the consumption of each smart plug separately

Smart plugs like Eve Energy have their own Eve app, from which one can check the consumption made by each device and thus easily guess who is the culprit of the latest upheaval in the form of a current melting bill.

Stay informed of electricity prices with these apps and web pages

The price of the light varies depending on production and demand, and this is something we can monitor with apps like redOS that you can download to your iPhone for free. Another alternative is Price Luz España, which we reviewed last year in Applesfera and which is also compatible with macOS.

Finally, you can place direct access to web pages such as ESIOS in which you can see the current price of electricity in the Spanish territories on the main page of iOS:

You have the option to add the web as an iOS icon to the “Share” button in Safari:

These are all small functions, but they will help you keep control of an electricity bill which in Spain will now tend to increase more. Remember that energy savings will become increasingly important, both for our wallet and for the planet.