When multichannel sound formats hit the home market a few years ago, rear speakers were limited to reproducing a few environmental effects like echoes, usually at medium and high frequencies, bringing the action to the screen but without take on special importance. .

The deal has completely changed and is now part of the soundtrack, vocals and effects of all kinds are reproduced by the rear channels many times over with great presence and requiring quality speakers beyond the tiny cubes of yesteryear, which can extract the full potential of the soundtrack without distorting or falling short, especially at low midrange frequencies.

For this reason, in this article from our section “Movies to show off your home theater” we offer you a selection of scenes in which the rear speakers are the protagonists so that you can assess whether yours or the ones you are considering playing. ‘buy fulfill their mission. Of course, to do the tests properly, you must use the original tracks on Blu-ray, streaming if you have surround sound (or DVD if there is no other option), since the Videos that we insert here from YouTube are only in stereo and of lower quality.

Super 8: train scene

A scene I often use to test the potential of the speakers when reproducing bass without using the subwoofer. When the train derails, a multitude of effects are reproduced at high volume and at frequencies between 30 and 100 Hz.

Normally depending on our setup we will send them to the subwoofer, but if we want to know how far our rear speakers go, I recommend turning off the filtering and letting them take care of the bass.

Sherlock Holmes, A Game of Shadows: Forest Scene

The escape scene from the weapons factory is full of effects coming from the rear speakers. Gunshots and explosions as well as sounds that make you feel like spinning when loading the main gun.

It is ideal to know if our speakers are perfectly integrated in the 5.1 set and also to know their response in the low frequencies (I advise to do as in the previous case, not to send the bass to the subwoofer to see how they behave. ). By the way, in this case it is better to try the song in the original version than in the dubbed version, as it has more quality and does not tend to warp in any of the passages.

Jack Reacher: Final Filming Scene

The most powerful filming scene I have seen to date. We really have the impression that they are spinning alongside us with a very high sound pressure level and overwhelming dynamics.

In this case, the rear speakers take care of the echoes of the shots in the quarry but also increase their power when they come from behind the spectator. They will also reproduce the sound of enemy machine guns and bullets ricocheting across the stage, putting us in the center of the action. One of the best sound mixes in modern cinema.

Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol: Dubai chase scene

An interesting chase through the streets of Dubai in the midst of a sandstorm that quickly hides the entire scene from the viewer, leaving only sound references moving through the speakers to put them into the action.

Noises of all kinds coming from the streets and the market accompanied by an incessant wind with sand hitting us from everywhere and ended with the car chase on the highway. One of the best pursuits for testing rear speakers.

Wrath of the Titans: Attack of the Giants

When the protagonists are attacked by the giants in the forest full of traps, the rear effects follow one another with blows on the trees, the stones and especially with the voices of the enemies who approach and whisper above our heads.

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