The clip of Helene Fischer’s return duo “Vamos a Marte” with Luis Fonsi will be broadcast tonight on all Mediengruppe RTL channels and on YouTube.

Berlin (dpa) – Fans are eagerly awaiting Helene Fischer’s new song this Friday.

The singer, who celebrated her 37th birthday yesterday, posted a foretaste of the video for “Vamos a Marte” (translated: “Let’s fly to Mars”) scheduled for Friday evening on RTL then at 6:45 p.m. on Youtube Instagram: ” I can’t take it anymore. ” She could hardly wait for it herself, she wrote. The singer also announced an album after a long hiatus. It would be her “most personal of all time,” she said.

In the pop song snippet on Instagram, the singer’s following lines can be heard since Wednesday on a dance beat that may recall Jennifer Lopez’s 2011 hit “On The Floor”: “Vamos a Marte, we’re talking a tongue. You feel what I’m saying. You read my body – not words. “

In the video, Fischer wears a sequined crop top with shoulder pads, a ponytail and large hoops with rhinestones with black Marlene pants.

The clip of the return duo is broadcast in preview on all Mediengruppe RTL channels. It starts on RTL around 6:40 p.m. before the main newspaper, followed shortly after by Vox, RTLplus, VOXup and ntv, then Nitro and Super RTL.

Fischer (“Atemlos”) announced the new song in July: “On August 6, 2021, it’s finally going to start! I love this song – with none other than the great Luis Fonsi! “Fonsi landed the world hit” Despacito “in 2017. To date, it is the most successful summer hit in terms of placement in the charts in Germany. Along with Fonsi, Fischer has appeared on several occasions, by example during the previous Echo Music Prize and in 2018 in her Christmas “Helene Fischer Show” on ZDF.