Finch, the film starring Apple TV + ‘s Tom Hanks, broke all ratings on the service when it premiered, as they learned from Deadline. This doomsday tale became the service’s most-watched movie last weekend. Which implies that Hanks has outdone himself, since the previous record was held by Greyhound.

A record apocalypse for Apple TV +

While Apple is generally not transparent with specific audience figures, sources at the company have said that the apocalyptic drama directed by Miguel Sapochnik has become the most-watched movie, eclipsing Hanks’ previous film, the thriller of Hanks. the Second World War. World Greyhound. Apple did not give specific numbers, but sources said Finch debuted in more than 100 countries, doubled its opening day audience as the weekend wore on and generated the biggest first of the weekend on the service.

Finch takes place on an Earth ravaged by a solar cataclysm. With almost no survivors, Tom Hanks plays a robotic engineer accompanied by a dog and a robot. The three embark on a journey through a catastrophic American West.

Lasting almost two hours, this is the third production in which Hanks participates with Apple TV +. The first of these was Greyhound, released last summer and which tells the story of a sea captain who must pass through the blockade of German submarines during World War II. Now we have Finch, but there is still a third.

This is Masters of the Air, where the actor acts as an executive producer with Steven Spielberg and Cary Joji Fukunaga. Again, we find ourselves in World War II, with a miniseries set in the Eighth US Air Force. This series joins Band of Brothers and The Pacific, adding a new war episode produced by Playtone.

Apple TV + Awards and Future Achievements Series

In addition to viewing records, Apple has collected numerous awards for its other productions. For example, Ted Lasso won four Emmy Awards, including Best Comedy, while The Morning Show won one. It wasn’t bad that year, as the service received up to 18 nominations for these awards.

It seems that Apple’s service is getting a good reception, not only with the public, but also with critics. Despite the fact that Apple does not give official figures on the total number of subscribers, it is clear that things are going better than expected.

In fact, Netflix was considered by many to have some sort of monopoly on telling interesting stories. That’s why they viewed the entry of new players like Disney + or Apple TV + with skepticism. Both, especially the first, have shown that an attractive and non-exclusive service can be created with that of other companies.

To continue to boost its service, Apple has other likely successes in its hands. Swan Song will debut in theaters and on Apple TV + on December 17th, The Tragedy of Macbeth stars Denzel Washington, We will also have Emancipation with Will Smith and Killers of the Flower Moon, from Scorsese, Di Caprio and De Niro.