One of the staple tools in Windows is File Explorer, a staple system feature that nevertheless has some interesting third-party alternatives. One of them is Files, an open source file manager that is currently gearing up for its arrival for Windows 11, where it will make its public debut in just over a month.

UWP Files or Files in its infancy, it is an alternative to the classic Windows 10 file explorer. A free tool that is also open source. A project accessible on GitHub which offers all the basic functions of Windows Explorer, with the addition that it supports tabs and also adopts Fluent Design and is now preparing to land on Windows 11.

For Windows 11 October 4

After going through Windows 10, a version in which it can already be used, the tool is currently in closed beta. A test period that is about to end, since the developer has posted a release date on his Twitter account: October 4, 2021.

# Files_v2

– Files (@FilesForWindows) August 25, 2021

The files for Windows 10, we have already mentioned, allow the use of tabs with a design based on Fluent Design. In addition, it integrates almost all the functions that classic Windows Explorer already has in its context menu when you right click with the mouse. In addition, the application supports functions such as FTP access.

Files supports the use of themes and is a really attractive browser, both in usable aspect and in visual aspect, one aspect in which it stands out that it can use side panels is i.e. you can view folders or files in two different locations in the same window, or the ability to preview files from explorer just by pressing space bar to name a few improvements .

There’s a little over a month left to check out the improvements coming in the version for Windows 11, although in the pictures you can see some that are already exclusive to this version of Windows, such as rounded corners and redesigned icons. In the meantime, you can find out about the evolution of Files by accessing the development community on Github.

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