Britain is awash with allegations that Prince Andrew took a bribe from a Turk. It is alleged that Nebahat Evyap İşbilen, the wife of former deputy İlhan İşbilen, who was arrested for FETÖ, bribed the Prince 750 thousand pounds for the British passport.

It Has Been Claimed That Prince Andrew , Duke Of York, Whose Name Has Recently Been Mentioned In Sexual Harassment Scandals In The UK and therefore his military titles were withdrawn, received a Bribe from a Turk who wanted to obtain a British passport . According to the news of the British Daily Telegraph (DT), which made the headline yesterday, Prince Andrew received a payment of approximately 1 million pounds from Selman Türk, who was also a banker at Goldman Sachs for a while. The scandal that shook the kingdom emerged after a lawsuit was filed in the Supreme Court regarding this now-lost money.

Allegedly, among the payments made to the Duke of York is a ‘donation’ of 750 thousand pounds (approximately 14 million TL) from Turkish millionaire Nebahat Evyap İşbilen. Nebahat İşbilen, 76, is the wife of former AK Party deputy İlhan İşbilen, who was arrested in 2015 for FETÖ . It was alleged that Nebahat İşbilen wanted to obtain a British passport in order to escape the investigation opened against her in Turkey, and that she bribed Prince Andrew through Selman Türk to assist him in this matter. However, Nabahat İşbilen filed a lawsuit in England, claiming that Selman Türk had defrauded her.

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