Hamburg / Wacken (dpa) – After the cancellation of the small Wacken festival, Doro Pesch had tears in his eyes. “We are all very sad,” said the metal singer of the German news agency. “It would have been the biggest rock concert this year.”

But you understand the decision when the number of infections increases. Health comes first. The “Bullhead City” festival, originally scheduled for September 16-18, with up to 20,000 fans per day, was canceled on Monday due to the crown’s current development in the region. Pesch also wanted to perform there.

“In view of the current situation, a rambunctious festival like our fans deserve is inconceivable due to the measures to be taken, which include a mask requirement in almost all areas of the festival,” said organizer Holger Huebner. The traditional heavy metal festival with around 75,000 fans had already been canceled again due to the corona pandemic. Other musicians like Peter Maffay or Steven Wilson also had to postpone their tours planned for the fall.

The concert organizers were eagerly awaiting a new start in the fall. If development continues like this, Corona will thwart your plans again. “As long as there are capacity restrictions and distance rules, events make no economic sense,” said Federal Association of the Concert and Events Industry President Jens Michow of the German press agency in Hamburg. He calls for nationally consistent rules for his industry.

“We hope the Hamburg 2G model is a model for all other federal states,” Michow said. With the 2G option, which will be possible in Hamburg from Saturday, organizers can decide whether they will only accept vaccinated and convalescent people, who are then largely exempt from corona restrictions, or whether they wish to continue using the 3G model. This includes those who have been tested and therefore not vaccinated, but are subject to the previous corona restrictions.

“Concert tours, however, will only be possible again if there is no patchwork of different regulations in Germany, but the countries finally agree on a uniform opening scenario,” Michow stressed. Since PCR tests provide much more reliable results than rapid tests, it should also be possible to allow those who tested PCR to access events without capacity restrictions.

Dieter Semmelmann, managing director of Semmel Concerts, sees it the same way: “The organizers are currently grappling with a mess of federal regulations that make national tours almost impossible,” said Semmelmann of the dpa. The various regulations of corona protection measures and the associated state-level opening restrictions and bans remain a big problem. “We need a clear structure and planning security on the part of politicians – in fact at federal level”, demanded Semmelmann.

If 2G was needed during a transitional period due to the still insufficient will to vaccinate and the current infection situation, his company would accept it. Live Nation CEO Marek Lieberberg is also in favor of the 2G model. “With the 2G model, Hamburg has made a forward-thinking and late decision that must go to school so that modern culture can finally flourish again after its forced breakthrough through no fault of its own,” said Lieberberg . In many countries, including Great Britain and the United States, live concerts are already possible again – mostly without restrictions.

Peter Schwenkow, Managing Director of Deutsche Entertainment AG (DEAG), expects – after successful pilot events with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the Potsdam Palace Night – again authorizations for the fall and therefore also numerous concerts with mainly national artists. International tours will have to wait until spring. In Great Britain, activity has already resumed “brilliantly” at full capacity.