The ship carrying other luxury vehicles, including Porsche and Lamborghini, sank in the Atlantic Ocean near Portugal. According to foreign media reports, the ship capsized near the Portuguese island of the Azores, which caught fire.

The ship, named Felicity Ace, was carrying around 4,000 cars such as Porsches and Bentleys. The unfortunate ship was going to the US, from a port in Germany. The Portuguese Navy says the ship caught fire 13 days ago while efforts were being made to pull it out. The Navy has confirmed that the ship sank outside Portuguese waters. The Portuguese Air Force evacuated all 22 crew members after the plane caught fire.

The ship was carrying Porsche, Lamborghini, and other expensive vehicles, but no information has been released about the number of vehicles on board.

European carmakers, on the other hand, have also declined to say how many Luxury vehicles were loaded on the plane. The ship is said to have been used to transport expensive Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Audi, and Porsche vehicles.

A captain of the closest harbor on the island of Faial told news sources that no oil spill had been detailed so far but said there were fears the fuel tanks may be harmed whereas the vessel lies at the foot of the Atlantic at a depth of around 3,500 meters (2.17 miles). He further added that the ship sank as efforts to tow it began due to structural problems caused by the fire and rough seas.

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Volkswagen said the vehicles were secured by insurance but the estimated cost of damage may fetch around $155m (£116m) agreeing to the news.

Bentley affirmed that 189 of its cars were on board the transport and Porsche said it had around 1,100 of its models onboard. The Felicity Ace sank around 250 miles off Portugal’s Azores Islands because it was being towed, MOL Transport Administration in Singapore said in an articulation. 

A rescue group had put out the fire. The 200-meter-long vessel recorded to starboard some time recently going beneath, the ship’s chief said.