It seems not, but time flies very quickly and Apple has already been working on iOS 16 for months in absolute secrecy. It will be some time before we can see this system installed on our iPhone, but there is less to see it presented. Let’s gather everything we know about him.

What new features will iOS 16 introduce?

At the moment there are no rumors or clues about the new features that we are going to see in iOS 16. Some concepts imagine a system with more flexibility in widgets, more customizable buttons and new features such as wallets cryptocurrencies integrated with Apple Pay. But these are functions imagined by designers, nothing more.

There will be novelties that will be strongly linked to the characteristics of the iPhone 14, and which will therefore be exclusive to these terminals. New functions of their cameras, or something that can only be used with the power of these mobiles. At the moment, it’s all speculation, although there are vague traces of satellite calls for emergencies and detecting car accidents.

What compatibility will iOS 16 have?

Rumors indicate, for the moment and very prematurely, that iOS 16 will be compatible with the iPhone 7 and later generation terminals. This leaves the iPhone 6s behind after enduring seven years of official support with the latest version of iOS. This data will not be confirmed until the announcement of iOS 16 at WWDC22.

When will iOS 16 be released?

iOS 16 should be presented around June during WWDC22, when developers can start working on its beta versions. The release of the final and stable version will probably take place in September, coinciding with the launch of the iPhone 14.

Picture | Mateusz Dach