New Delhi, 18 August 2021, Wednesday

The Taliban have returned to power in Afghanistan after 20 years and their fears are clear. Those who have seen the Taliban rule 20 years ago know what terrorism is and how dangerous the Taliban is.

The fear of the Taliban is particularly high among women. Although the Taliban has tried to present a liberal face this time, women are still afraid to leave home alone and the demand for the burqa has increased since the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan. has gone. . As a result, the price of burqa is also skyrocketing.

According to a report, the price of burqa in Afghanistan has increased 10 times. When the Taliban ruled 20 years ago, women had to wear a veil to cover their bodies from head to toe. Women could not leave the house alone except the male member of their household. The situation for women began to improve after the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001. Women were allowed to work like men.