Amazon wants to promote the use of the guide on its Fire TVs. Yes, even if it goes unnoticed, the Amazon devices that allow any TV to become a Smart TV have a guide to having the programming under control. And the company thought a nice boost is being able to add channels as favorites.

Amazon’s Fire TV guide provides access to live TV. Depending on the platforms and applications that we have installed, we can access a more or less extensive program among which we can get lost. This is why the new function is useful: it allows us to locate our favorite channels.

For All Live TV

The company posted this new feature on the blog it has for the Fire TV line. Devices that now allow users to customize the channel guide through a new option that appears in the menu.

When entering the guide (in the case of Pluto TV and RTVE Play programming), if we enter any channel and press the button with the three bands on the Fire TV remote, we will see how the option “Add Channels” in the guide.

This new option allows you to create and add channels to a list. Of course, these are free and paid service channels available on the platform so that, for example, you cannot add content from Netflix, Prime Video… These are the applications and the platforms (they are available according to the country) which can be used to add favorites to channels:

Video Channels YouTube TV Prime IMDb TV Hulu + Live Discovery + Pluto TV Sling TV FOX Now Tubi Philo Red Bull TV Plex ESPN Haystack News Xumo

Additionally, and for easier access to the guide, the new controls used by Fire TVs have a dedicated guide button, so it’s based on tapping the guide button with the icon of a TV to directly access the new channel guide embedded in the Live tab.

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