Did you know that technology has something for you to calm up your frustrations and anxious thoughts? Fatal to the flesh is the right platform for teenagers and people struggling with their hectic lives. People who destroy expensive things present in their house out of anger fatal to the flesh are an excellent alternative for them.

This simulation-based website provides actual life output with the help of advanced technology. So you must be wondering how this website works and how you can get out of your daily life struggles? Using a website to get rid of real-life problems seems suspicious but let’s see how we tackle these situations? Read this article until the end and discover some interesting facts about fatal to the flesh.

What is Fatal to Flesh, and how does it work?

Fataltoflesh.com is a website that Rafael Rozendaal developed in 2004. The website is designed for people who have serious anger issues, and this is an excellent alternative to vanish their suicidal thoughts.

When you visit fatal to the flesh, you will be redirected to the blank page. The blank page doesn’t mean your internet connection is slow, or you are entering in non secure URL, but the creator made this website based on this blank page. It is not similar to other real-life situation websites.

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The creator of fataltoflesh was familiar with the content computer is good at. He already knew that the computer could not create a perfect circle, but vector images and lines could be drawn accurately.

Vector images are mainly based on point-to-point indications of lines.

The grids are made in a scalable way and are fixed in several positions. Fataltoflesh is solely dependent on this formula, and through this technique, it is more accessible to browser pages compatible with every device.

How can fataltoflesh prevent people from self-harming?

People with an angry nature find satisfaction by self-harming themselves. We don’t support this. If you are hurting yourself when in pain, you will have to bear the consequences of that in the future.

Life is different for everyone, so we are all searching for better ways to sustain our lives. Self-harm is the biggest hurdle in teenagers’ lives, so fatal to flesh allows you to exhale all your frustration in just a single click.

Vector grids give the feeling of relaxation as people with negative minds imagine they are cutting flesh and blood is gushing out of their bodies. Digital illustration can draw lines where anxious people can blow off some steam and satisfy the curiosity of inflicting wounds.

This website allows adults and teenagers to get rid of their broken chairs not to harm themselves in real life.

Features of fatal to the flesh website 

Some mind wrecking features of fatal to flesh are discussed below:

  • This simulation-based platform prevents people from making life-threatening decisions related to their fatalities.
  • Fataltoflesh can play with people’s minds where wounds and cuts seem realistic to users.
  • The website allows you to express your feelings on a single white paper without hurting your body parts.
  • Fataltoflesh’s website is entirely white, and there is no data present for users.
  • You can control the wound Marks by your cursor speed movement.
  • Faster cursor movement leads to excessive blood droplets from the generated cut.
  • The red Marks are designed to give a realistic appearance to users.
  • The old domain rating adds credibility to this website, with a trust score of 67%.

What are the views of people for Fataltoflesh.com?

Fataltoflesh is specifically designed for people dealing with anger and anxiety issues. But many people in the United States are against this platform as it promotes violence where it can lead to negative thoughts in the user’s mind.

However, many people claim this website is helpful in their depression journey where they can exhale their frustration with a healthy mindset. So we can say that fataltoflesh is not harming anyone, but people who have some serious suicidal thoughts in their mind should see a doctor as these websites are not a permanent solution to your mental health.

Is fatal to the flesh legal?

Yes, it is legal, but there are many objections against fataltotheflesh. The website is not pirated, neither it lead to real-life murder, but yeah, it can help you divert your mind by engaging in different drawing activities. They seem like a realistic visual representation of self-harm on a blank page. It allows you to eliminate your anger most conveniently. People with criminal minds should stay away from websites like this as they need a severe consultation of physiologists.


Fataltoflesh is an excellent website if you need to vent out your frustrations. People suffering from anxiety and depression shouldn’t rely on this website. Depression and mental health problems are serious, and people should care for themselves.

If your anger is just a matter of some time, you can use these alternatives, but consulting a doctor can be an excellent deal if you regularly struggle to cure your mental illness. We are not in favor of websites like fatal to flesh as they develop negative thoughts in individuals. Self-harm is not the only solution to fix your frustration. 

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You can try other ways like relaxing yourself through nature and stopping overthinking. If you want to use fatal to flesh for fun, it is a great platform to enjoy your day. Have you ever seen similar websites like, fatal to the flesh? If yes, what’s your opinion about these simulation websites? Let us know in the comments below.