Google’s quick pairing technology for Bluetooth devices, Fast Pair, will move from phones to TVs and players with Android TV – Google has confirmed it will be available in the coming weeks. Thanks to Fast Pair, it will be much easier to listen to the sound of movies and series through Bluetooth headphones.

An Android TV allows you to watch a huge amount of media content through apps, you can even play games directly on the TV. The image and sound are reproduced on the large screen, although the sound can also be routed to the speakers or, in the case of not wanting to disturb, to the headphones. Ideally, use Bluetooth as the cable to the sofa can be cumbersome. And the pairing itself will soon be less cumbersome.

Android TV will detect nearby Bluetooth devices

Quick Pair on Android TV. Image by 9to5Google

Using Fast Pair greatly simplifies the process of adding Bluetooth devices to an Android phone since the mobile itself detects compatible accessories that are nearby. To do this, a message appears in the form of a lower card: just press it for the headphones, and other Bluetooth accessories, to be paired.

If in Android Fast Pair it makes pairing new devices much easier, in Android TV the task will be even more useful: syncing a Bluetooth headset to the TV means struggling with the settings and the remote control. With Fast Pair, it will be a thing of the past.

As Google reported in the Android News of 2022, Fast Pair is on its way to reaching Android TV devices, also Chromecast with Google TV (it will surely arrive first in Google Player). With this Fast Pair, TVs and players will detect nearby Bluetooth LE accessories, notifying them with an on-screen map so the user can pair them with a single click on the remote.

Once the Bluetooth devices are paired with Android TV, the TV or player will start using them once they are connected near you. Fast Pair is compatible with most current bluetooth headphones, it also adds compatibility with game controllers and other control devices.

Quick pair on an Android mobile

Google has not said when Fast Pair will arrive on Android TV: it only says it will expand it in the coming weeks. Its arrival will surely be via an update of Google Play services: you have to be patient.

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