The native calendar that Apple has on its devices provides everything we need to organize our events or even all our tasks, although if we are one of those hardcore users and want to have something more complete, we can always opt for Fantastical. This app is, in one sentence, the most powerful alternate calendar we can use.

And this week, those who use Fantastical are in luck: the application has been updated with a new system to automate all the steps necessary to organize a meeting or a video call. From the discussion with all the members of the meeting to the confirmation of a last time.

From dozens of messages and emails with just a few clicks

To achieve this, Fantastical has launched two new features:

You can set publicly available times, so meeting organizers can always see when it’s convenient for you to have a meeting and request one of those available times. When planning meetings, you can offer members several times to vote for the one they think is the best.

Normally, agreeing a time to hold meetings between a team of people is difficult, as everyone has their own schedule and confirming everything usually takes endless private messages, calls and emails. Fantastical wants to reduce this mechanical work to a minimum.

There are web tools (like Doodle) that seek to cover the same need, but Fantastical’s idea is to integrate everything into a single application to simplify the work. Of course, everyone in a workgroup will need to use Fantastical for meeting scheduling to work as expected.

Fantastical is available on the Mac App Store with the option to use it for free with limited functionality. To use all its features, you must go through the Flexibits Premium subscription, which also gives access to the Cardhop application and costs 5.49 euros per month (i.e. 43.99 euros per year).