Facebook presented its quarterly results last night, a moment it used to claim that Apple’s privacy measures will cost it $10,000 million in 2022. This isn’t the first time Facebook has complained about the measures of confidentiality, since it is something recurring. These last months. However, he now quantifies this impact.

10 billion fewer Apple users to exploit

We believe the total impact is a headwind for our business in 2022. It’s in the $10 billion range, so it’s a significant headwind for our business.

That’s how Dave Wehner, CFO of Meta, the Facebook matrix, described it in words collected from CNBC. This is the first time that the social network has quantified its complaints, even if the explanation may lie elsewhere.

Because yesterday, in addition to throwing balls, Facebook experienced a loss of users for the first time in its history. Daily active users (DAUs) decreased by one million, from 1.93 billion to 1.929 million during the quarter. A figure that puts an end to its sequence of uninterrupted growth.

It is very likely that this point is the cause of the fall in the stock market between hours, which reached 20%. That probably contributed to the drop, but you also have to consider the rise of other social networks like TikTok.

Transparency in app tracking, one of Facebook’s problems

Apple announced the arrival of App Tracking Transparency for the spring of 2021. With iOS 14.5 this feature arrived, which was later estimated that a large part of users assumed it. According to Flurry estimates, up to 88% of the user base would have said no to app tracking.

This feature allows the user to block the tracking that certain apps perform through the web activity and other apps of the same user. It is used to determine the reliability of advertisements and to check whether a person ends up buying the advertised products. In the eyes of advertisers, it is very important whether they place effective ads or not.

As 9to5Mac reports, Facebook is rebuilding its infrastructure to be able to offer more personalized ads:

With Apple’s iOS changes and new European regulations, there is a clear trend where there is less data to deliver personalized ads. So we’re rebuilding a lot of our infrastructure so we can continue to grow and deliver high-quality, personalized ads.

With the transparency of app tracking, Apple has put the decision of whether or not to be digitally tracked in the hands of the user. Following Steve Jobs’ maxim that privacy means people know what they are signing up for.