Truck explodes, injuring five children

IS terrorists are more active in the area where the blast took place.

Kabul: Nine children have died in an explosion on the Pakistan border in Afghanistan. While five children were injured. The governor appointed by the Taliban gave this information. However, no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

A statement issued by the governor’s office said the attacker collided in front of a car full of children’s belongings later in the afternoon. The incident took place in Lalopar district. Which is located in Nagarhar province. ISIS terrorists are active in the province.

Preliminary investigation revealed that an old mortar shell had fallen here which did not explode. However, it exploded when Larry hit him.

The children standing around Larry became victims. IS terrorists are active in the area where the blast took place. Fighting between IS and Taliban continues in Afghanistan. In such a situation, the hand of IS is being feared behind this attack.