If you are a LinkedIn user, you may be familiar with the “Stories” feature. A tool that the platform launched at the end of 2020, while the pandemic is still in full swing and which now, almost a year later, announces that it will eventually close for lack of use.

LinkedIn Stories is a new feature with which you can post photos and short videos to a profile. Content that had its own space, in a row at the top of the main app screen and that was originally a feature exclusive to LinkedIn mobile apps. From now on, he will no longer be present.

They did not enter the professional field

Ephemeral videos don’t seem to have made an impact on some platforms and the same thing that happened with Twitter when Fleets ended, is now happening to LinkedIn, and in this case perhaps with more reason.

It was already surprising that a professional-oriented social network had ephemeral videos in true Instagram style, and what for the latter has been a good outlet, it has not been for LinkedIn.

This was confirmed on her LinkedIn profile by Liz Li, Senior Product Director in Microsoft’s Professional Network. At the end of September, LinkedIn Stories will die, as happened with Fleets nine months after their launch.

“We introduced Stories last year as a fun, informal way to share quick video updates. We have learned a lot. Now we’re using these learnings to transform the Stories format into a reimagined LinkedIn video experience that’s even richer and more conversational. “

The idea of ​​the “Stories” feature on LinkedIn is that users could share short video clips in order to “share knowledge, ask for help, and respond to news”. But this idea does not seem to have caught on in the professional field.

Of course, they claim that the stories have helped them learn from their mistakes and also what users are looking for. Based on everything they’ve learned, they’re already working to create a new video experience that better integrates with what LinkedIn stands for and how it works.

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