Environmentalists want voices heard on Pilgrim Station land

When it comes to the 1,500 acres of land that surrounds Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, local environmentalists want to be heard.

The Coalition to Preserve Natural Plymouth recently came before the Manomet Village Steering Committee to talk about their ambitions for the land. Cheryl Heller expressed the group’s concerns over the plan to run a hydroelectric cable onto the land and connect it to a substation on the property. Emera Inc., the company bidding for the power contract, already has an agreement to lease 52 acres of land from Entergy for the project.

Heller, and her organization, would rather the land be used for eco-tourism. Town Meeting Member Stephen Lydon was skeptical of the coalition’s plans, stating that nearly half of the town’s land is already in conservation or open space. He suggested it was better that the land be developed and added to the town’s tax base.

Frank Mand, who attended with Heller noted that the Pinehills is also interested in the land, which reaches to the top of the Pine Hills. “How would you like that beautiful view gone forever if the Pinehills get it?”  Heller asked. Manomet Village Steering Committee Member Harry Helm said  Entergy has already had discussions with the Pinehllls and other groups about the property. Under its new PILOT agreement with Entergy, the town has the right of first refusal on any deal Entergy enters into.

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