Entergy asks to meet with NRC over Pilgrim Station’s storm performance

Entergy has requested a regulatory conference with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to discuss the agency’s findings regarding the performance of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station during the January 27, 2015 storm.

That’s according to a statement released by plant spokesman Lauren Burm.

The plant went into emergency shutdown during the storm. A subsequent inspection found a number of problems with how Pilgrim Station performed, notably a problem with a safety relief valve that, according to the NRC, should have been caught during a previous winter storm shut down.

“At the regulatory conference, Pilgrim will provide the NRC with our insights, perspective and additional information on the risk significance of the Safety Relief Valve issues identified in the report,” wrote Burm in her statement. According to Burm, issues raised in the report have been addressed since the inspection.

Pilgrim Station has been subject to additional inspections since a February 2013 storm which also forced it to shut down.

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