Apple released the new betas of iOS 15.4 and other devices last night. Some versions which, unlike the .3 version, which was released to the public recently, are loaded with new features. News as important as being able to use Face ID with a mask, Universal Control and much more.

A long list of news

The list of new features of these beta versions is particularly long. Many innovations have been introduced and in many different parts of the system. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Face ID with a mask: It is now possible to use Face ID with a mask. The identification system is based on the lines still visible in order to proceed with the unlocking. A feature available on all iPhone 12 and later that works for Apple Pay and third-party apps in addition to unlocking. Universal Control: One of WWDC’s most amazing features is already with us. Although it is in beta phase, the operation is excellent, we only have to direct the mouse of our Mac towards the place where our iPad is, or vice versa, so that it jumps. So easy and useful. New Emoji: always welcome. In this version of the operating systems, 37 new emoji are added including soap bubbles, melting face, spying face and several others. Notes in iCloud Keychain: For each item in our Keychain, we can now add notes. Ideal for protecting 2FA system recovery codes or adding information such as security questions, to name just two examples. Disable notification automations Shortcuts: It is now possible to disable notifications for automations. In addition to Ask at runtime, we can now uncheck Notify at runtime, so that everything happens automatically. Keyboard brightness: in iPad OS 15.4 it is now possible to adjust the brightness of the keyboard we have connected, if it supports it. We can make the setting from the control center. 120Hz in third-party apps: On the iPhone 13 Pro, developers can already take advantage of the phone’s 120Hz display. Smoother animations thanks to an update to Core Animation, which had already fixed a bug in this version. iCloud Custom Domains: iCloud+ Custom Domains are coming to devices. We can now create and manage our addresses with custom domains from our Apple ID settings on our iPhone, iPad or Mac. SharePlay in the Share menu: With iOS 15.4, we can activate SharePlay directly from the Share menu. Cosmetic Analysis for Trade-In: According to the release code, Apple is working on a tool to be able to assess the physical condition of an iPhone before starting a Trade-In process. A feature that would allow us to have a much more realistic assessment of the amount we are going to receive. Passkey Login: In these betas, Apple is adding support for Passkey-enabled websites and apps. A system that will allow us to identify ourselves via Face ID without having to enter a password. DualSense support: Apple has added support for adaptive triggers on DualSense controllers. Apple Card Widget: You can now view your Apple Card balance, spending, and other information from your home screen. Corner gesture settings: In the Notes app, we can now configure swipe actions from the bottom right or left corner. Gestures that, by default, trigger the sticky note and screenshot respectively. More customization in the TV app: In the preferences section, in the TV app settings, we can now define whether the “Next” section displays the movie poster or an image from the movie. The “Next” section is also added during playback. Better audio quality on AirPods: If we wear AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones and receive a call, the audio quality will remain high while the ringtone is playing. It will only revert to regular Bluetooth quality during the call itself. Network connectivity improvements on Apple TV: Apple has added a system so that, through the iPhone, our Apple TV can easily connect to captive Wi-Fi networks. Ideal when we travel. AirPods charge indicator: The AirPods charge status popup now shows the indicator for the right and left earbuds when their charge is different. Deprecation of kernel extensions: Apple has confirmed that macOS 12.3 deprecates kernel extensions used by Dropbox and OneDrive. Firmware Update via Mac: Now, according to 9to5mac, AirPods firmware can be updated directly from the Mac. Mac screenshot enhancements: Apple has introduced a new API to improve screen capture capabilities. third-party apps screen.

As we can see, the list of novelties is really considerable. News, as we have already said, which is distributed throughout the system to fine-tune details if necessary. We’ll see what Beta 2 brings us.

Picture | Thai Nguyen