Emma Machado presents research at Assumption College symposium

Emma Machado of Plymouth was one of 90 students selected to present an original academic research project at Assumption College’s 23rd Annual Undergraduate Symposium, held April 24-25 on the College’s Worcester Campus.

The undergraduate symposium serves to highlight the research and scholarly achievements of Assumption students working in collaboration with dedicated faculty mentors. The symposium provides the campus community with the opportunity to gain a greater appreciation of and applaud the individual and collective accomplishments of the College’s faculty and students.

Machado, a member of the Class of 2017, presented “Holographic Scaling of Pure Gravity in the Near Horizon” and “Holographic Scaling in Newtonian Gravity.” The first project proves that through the principal of holography, complex calculations in physics can be simplified.

The second project explains how an entire four dimensional mass can be enclosed in a two dimensional sphere when the radius is extended to infinity through the principle of holography. This same principle can be used to reduce the dimensions of calculations making these problems easier to solve and understand.

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