Amid the winter blizzard hitting the US East Coast, an elderly man was able to save his life after his Apple Watch called emergency services when it detected a heavy fall. Another milestone for the Apple Watch and its fall detection technology.

Help arrived just 12 minutes after the call

The man, a resident of Morrow, Georgia, and recently suffered a fall while outside his property, according to CB546 News Atlanta. After the fall, and sensing that the owner was unresponsive, his Apple Watch Series 7 immediately contacted emergency services and provided an approximate location.

With the extremely cold weather, it was essential to act quickly, but as the man was unconscious to indicate his whereabouts, the emergency services had to use the GPS location, which has a certain margin of error.

The Morrow City Fire Department was the first to mobilize a team who rushed to the scene only to find that the address they had was not as accurate as they would have liked. The search began quickly and luckily the man was found just 12 minutes after the Apple Watch made the call.

The man was semi-conscious, very confused and extremely cold due to the extremely low temperatures in the area. After he was transferred to hospital, the emergency services confirmed that with the low temperatures and a medical file of which they did not give further details, there could have been an arguably worse outcome if not. There hadn’t been the early warning from the Apple Watch.

Picture | Aaron Burden