Edge is updated and now allows you to add screenshots to “Collections”

Microsoft continues to improve its Chromium-powered browser, and Edge is now releasing a new screenshot tool. A function that allows you to add web captures to a “Collection” and which is accessible on all devices synchronized with the same account.

This new feature is tested in the Edge test channels, more specifically in the Canary channel. To test it, you need to download Edge Canary version 91.0.864.1 or later and follow the steps below.

How to add web captures to collections

To add a screenshot to the “Collections”, all you have to do is click on the three dots at the top right of the screen which allow access to the “Settings” menu.

Once inside, you have to choose the option “Web Capture” and we will see how a new menu appears on the screen which offers the possibility of making a “Free Capture” or a “Full Capture” of the screen. .

When selecting a region on the screen or in full screen, click on “More options” and choose the option “Add to collections”. In the toolbar we can select a new collection to add or use an already added one.

Moreover, the same function allows you to perform basic drawing and cropping applications, as well as opening the captured capture or saving it to your computer.

The capture is part of the collections and will be synced across all devices. In addition, the web capture tool offers the possibility of sharing it by different means.

“Collections” is an improvement that allows us to add content that interests us, from a complete web page, part, article … to access it at any time.

Via | Techdows

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