Microsoft has brought Edge on the Dev Channel to a new release. You can now download Edge Dev version 99.0.1131.3 and among all the new features one stands out, such as the ability to manually establish which profile different web pages are opened with.

A change available for Edge Dev on Windows but not on MacOS and to which are added others related to managing passwords or opening links in a new context menu. These additions come with bug fixes and performance improvements.

New and improved

If you install Edge Dev now, you will have the option to manually set which profile web pages open with. You can configure it by typing this path in the navigation bar: edge://settings/profiles/multiProfileSettings

In addition, the management of passwords from the browser itself is facilitated, since now saved passwords can be modified from the initial dialog box.

They also enabled a new option in the context menu to open links in new Application Guard windows when Application Guard is available. These improvements come with other minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Added information to the Edge Bar settings page showing users which extensions are installed that prevent them from using the Edge Bar. Created and added an administrative policy to control whether address bar editing is enabled. Added support on mobile devices to disable autocomplete via admin policy.

bug fixes

Fixed a crash that occurred when browsing certain websites. Fixed a crash when navigating in the address bar interaction. Fixed a crash when interacting with the address bar dropdown. Fixed a crash when choosing where to download files from. Fixed a crash when posting comments from InPrivate or Guest windows. Fixed a bug with the display of autocomplete popups. Fixed a crash when interacting with misspelled words that were identified by the spell checker. Reduced the number of blank pages downloaded when scrolling through PDFs. Improved blocking of malicious URLs manually sent to the browser on startup. Improved the performance of the home page by pre-displaying it if possible. Fixed an issue where the system and performance settings page was sometimes blank. Fixed an issue where the “Customize” toolbar setting was missing from edge://settings/appearance. Fixed an issue where spell checker sometimes did not work in InPrivate windows. Fixed an issue where a certain UI no longer used the Windows theme color when the Windows setting to do so was enabled.

Remember that this version already shows the improvements that have already been tested within the Canary Channel. You can now download the new Edge at this link on any of the channels of the platforms where it is available. If you already have it installed, just go to browser preferences and check if you have any pending updates.

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