Microsoft continues to prepare the ground for the arrival of Windows 11 and now it’s the turn of Edge, which thanks to a new flag in Edge Canary allows us to adapt the interface according to the operating system we use and change depending on whether or not we have a PC with Windows 10 or Windows 11.

We already know that Windows 11 comes with a series of aesthetic improvements and changes, among which a new Start menu, rounded edges, floating menus … and now Edge, in the Canary version, adapts the user interface. to the operating system we use.

Interface adapted to Windows 11

The new flag for now is only available for the Canary version of Edge, the most advanced of the three that make up the development channels and as in other cases we’ve seen before, it needs to be activated manually.

Just make sure we have the most recent version of Edge Canary and in the search bar write Edge: // flags. Among all the options that we see we have to locate a call “Enable visual updates for Windows 11” and in this case it is better to use the search box.

Once found, all that remains is to activate it by moving the box to Enabled and restarting Edge. This improvement adapts some visual elements of Edge to Windows 11 if we already have this operating system on our computer.

Changes so far are few and far between and based on the captures they shared on Reddit, they are limited to a change in the style and size of the fonts, which are now a bit larger and seem to stand out more strongly. In addition, the backgrounds surrounding them in light gray, now have a frame around them and curved corners.

However, being the Canary version, it is to be expected that with future compilations more news and changes will arrive which should then make the jump to the Dev and Beta versions before moving to the stable version of Edge. .

Via | Reddit