Microsoft continues its quiet work with Edge by adding various improvements to make it more appealing to use and is now testing a feature that anyone who uses Edge as a PDF document reader can benefit from: it’s a new tool for capturing the screen even s ‘it is multiple pages.

Since this is a feature in the testing phase, to experience it, the user must have the updated version of Edge in the Canary channel. With this enhancement, you can take full-page screenshots of multi-page PDF documents.

For PDF documents

Featured in Edge in the Canary Channel versions from version 99.0.1111.0, the browser allows you to take full-page screenshots of PDF documents with multiple pages. A feature called Web Capture for PDF.

To use Web Capture for PDF, all you have to do is open a document in PDF format and click on the menu with the “three dots” located at the top right, then choose the “Web Capture” option.

This system works similarly to the method used to take screenshots of web pages in Edge. To choose the area to capture, the user has a selection tool that will allow him to capture the content of PDF documents.

Another system is to use the “Ctrl + Shift + S” key combination to open the Web Capture selection tool and take a snapshot of the PDF pages. Once the capture is done, another menu will appear allowing you to copy the capture or add notes.

Web Capture for PDF is a feature that can only be tested in Edge’s Canary Channel at this time, and hopefully it won’t take long to get to the stable version.

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