Google’s Nest product line currently has several proposals for the smart home, such as the Google Nest Audio and Google Nest Mini speakers, the Google Nest Hub display (now in its second generation) or the Google 2-in-1 router. 1. . And they all have one thing in common: they are compatible with the Google Home application to be able to control them from the mobile.

Today, the company launched two more devices within that ecosystem: the first battery-powered Nest Cam surveillance camera for indoor and outdoor use, and the first battery-powered Nest Doorbell video intercom. In addition, Google announced the second generation of its Nest Cam wired indoor camera at a more affordable price.

Google Nest Doorbell: see who’s calling

The Nest Doorbell has a built-in rechargeable battery for a cable-free installation, but it also allows continuous battery charging by connecting it to cables from an existing doorbell (requires 8-24 VAC, 10 VA, 50/60 Hz transformer ). In the event of a power outage or WiFi outage, you have local memory and battery backup to store up to an hour of video locally.

It has a monochrome design in white with a button that lights up when someone approaches and comes with a wedge-shaped bracket with a 20 degree angle to mount it anywhere near the door. In the technical section, it includes an HDR quality camera with night vision and 6x zoom, as well as a sensor that detects activity up to a distance of 7.5 meters from the door.

As a novelty, Google has integrated four types of smart alerts by default and more accurate: packages, people, animals and vehicles, with a history of video events of 3 hours and the ability to create activity zones. Its two-way voice system, via the app or a Nest display, lets you listen to and answer any call.

From the Home app, you can see live what is happening at the door throughout the day, filter notifications by type, view event history, and create activity zones with more personalized alerts. Plus, you can use the current ringtone or use a speakerphone or Nest Display to play a tone when you press the ringtone.

Google Nest Cam on battery: wireless and with spots

Made from thick 47% recycled plastic, the new Nest Cam with battery features a sturdy magnetic mount for easy installation. It has a rechargeable battery, but it also allows you to connect it to the mains using the optional exterior cables, as well as attach an anti-theft mounting bracket, interior bracket, or a few lights (all optional).

From the Google Home app, you can view and control all of your Nest cameras, filter activities, and create custom activity zones.

In addition to recording in 1080p HDR video quality and having night vision, Google makes sure that it has optimized the colors and improved the algorithms so that you receive more accurate alerts. In fact, for the first time, it incorporates three types of predetermined warnings (people, vehicles and animals), as well as a 3-hour video event history.

As with the doorbell, you can view and control all of your Nest cameras from the Google Home app, where you can also view filtering activities by type, create custom activity zones, and enable familiar face detection. And you can use the two-way system with a Nest Hub display to listen and react to what’s going on. Google insists that the data is encrypted and all is processed on the device itself.

Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell pricing and availability

Google has confirmed that its new battery-powered Nest Cam can be booked starting today for $ 199.99 and goes on sale August 24. The new Nest Cam with cable will arrive soon for 99.99 euros.

The Google Nest Doorbell with battery can also be booked starting today for $ 199.99 and goes on sale August 24.

Both devices allow you to add an optional subscription available in two ways:

Nest Aware (€ 5 per month): Provides a 30-day history of video events

Nest Aware Plus ($ 10 / mo): Offers 60-day video event history and 24-hour video history for up to 10 days.

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