In line with the short gag, Apple released new short videos to highlight the capabilities of the new iPhone 13. At the same time, the company released its video congratulating the Chinese New Year, along with its “making of” always interesting. .

Lights, camera, iPhone… and action!

The first of the announcements published by Apple is titled “Run Baby Run”. We see a dynamic boy running with his mother’s iPhone 13. An iPhone that he uses for everything from hitting each of the bars on the stair railing, to playing the piano, to throwing it at his lego pieces. Thankfully, the iPhone is “babyproof,” as the ad acknowledges.

In the second commercial, titled “Doin’ Laps”, which can be translated as “going around”, the protagonist is feeling exceptionally well today, riding his bike and recording himself on his iPhone 13. While the music is repeated, the protagonist continues to turn and go around a roundabout until nightfall. Fortunately, the iPhone has a “looooong battery”.

Finally, Apple presents “The Comeback”, a short film of about 20 minutes released just for the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Directed by Zhang Meng, the film is shot entirely on an iPhone 13 Pro, with truly stunning results.

As usual, Apple accompanied the video with its “making of”, the behind-the-scenes version where we see part of the creation process. A video that shows us how the iPhone was used to get the different shots.

It must be recognized that the iPhone is really an excellent tool for telling stories, as we have seen on other occasions. Whether it’s a simple commercial or a mini-movie, its small size leaves plenty of room when it comes to recording certain shots.