Tap, Tap is an app that brings the double back tap from Google Pixel 6 with Android 12 to the rest of Android mobiles. The application has been completely renewed to add new gestures, its interface has been completely redesigned and its energy consumption is also limited. Tap, Tap v1.0 is completely free.

With iOS 14 Apple released an accessibility gesture that allowed you to switch between applications and tasks on the iPhone: the double tap on the back of the phone. Google included it in Pixels with Android 12. And there’s a way to bring this launcher to other mobiles: the Tap, Tap app. The app developer has completely redesigned it, giving it a new interface and improving its functions: it’s worth downloading.

Launch the camera, open an app…by double-tapping back

The double-click back gesture greatly improves multitasking because you don’t have to search for the shortcut to launch a particular app: double “click” on the back of the phone and it opens automatically. Tap, Tap does it very simply. And it has endless possibilities.

Kieron Quinn, the developer of Tap, Tap, redesigned his app from the ground up to create a new version that, despite retaining the key double-return feature, is completely different from the previous version. The interface is much neater, it has included new actions that trigger the gesture, improved power consumption and now allows you to launch Snapchat with a double tap. Like the Google Pixel 6.

With Tap, Tap, you can perform tasks such as:

Open the camera at any time and without leaving the office. Launch any installed application. You can fake a keystroke in your phone’s quick settings. You have the option to restrict the situations in which the back gesture will not work. Tap, Tap lets you configure actions for double tap and also for back triple tap.

One of the limitations is that it is not available on the Google Play Store: **Tap, Tap v1.0 can only be downloaded in APK format** from the developer’s GitHub. The app is completely free, ad-free, and open source.

In case you want to extend the functionality of your mobile with a simple and quick gesture of use, our recommendation is that you take a look at Tap, Tap v1.0: it’s wonderful. And it works the same way the Google Pixel 6 behaves with that same gesture, the double back tap.

More information | Medium by Kieron Quinn