The employment petition signed by Steve Jobs himself in 1973 has been auctioned with an interesting twofold approach. To the surprise of many, the original document, duly verified, and its NFT, i.e. digital version, were auctioned simultaneously. A very interesting experiment to see which version arouses the most interest.

NFT vs Physics: Pending Results

While it is true that this is not the first time that a similar document has been auctioned, it is the first time that a physical version and a virtual version of the same object have been auctioned simultaneously. Under the suggestive title “Is it time to think differently?” », In clear reference to the famous Think different campaign, the same auction is being set up on an experimental basis.

Will this open up a new market for decentralized collectibles? Will this consolidate the status quo? Or could we see stagnation with a new understanding that the two can coexist and even complement each other as we move through the next 50 years of innovation? Whatever the outcome, the worlds of finance and art will be there.

At the time of this writing, there will still be a little over 4 days until the auction ends. And for now the paper version is the winner, even if there are several days left and the situation can change at any time. If we want to make our predictions on the same web page, we will find a poll to give our opinion.

Beyond the value that this coin is being sold for, which in the case of this particular document can reach astronomical numbers, much of the attention is focused on which version will attract the highest bid. An interesting curiosity.