Talking about Microsoft is talking about Windows, but also about Edge, its brand new browser based on Chromium. And if they did a great job with Edge and the results show it, it looks like with Bing there is still a long way to go. Without achieving Google’s popularity, this app now allows Bing to be a little more isolated.

The tool is called MSEdgeRedirect, it’s open source and it’s nothing new. Until now this app has allowed to open another browser instead of Edge and now in a new twist what it does is make it easier to use Google instead of Bing as the system search engine.

Switch from Bing

While Edge may compete somewhat with Chrome, the same can’t be said for Bing. Despite the fact that each browser has its own search engine (Google in Chrome and Bing in Edge), Microsoft’s is not taking off. And the fact that Google is the most searched term on Bing has also not gone unnoticed by some users.

That’s what MSEdgeRedirect does, a tool we found on GitHub that makes getting rid of Bing easy. This app increases the capabilities of what it has offered so far. If that allowed another browser to open instead of Edge, the new version now goes further.

This is possible thanks to version, which also manages to neutralize Bing. Thanks to it and if we have already configured the equipment so that Edge is not the default browser, the browser we are using will carry out searches directly in Google and not in Bing.

As they did in Genbeta, we can replace what to open the PDF with, we can replace the weather results by choosing the provider. In short, it isolates Bing a little more.

But it’s not just Google. In the list of options we find alternatives in the form of search engines such as Ask, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Sogoy, Yahoo and Yandex. And if that wasn’t enough, we will also have the option of choosing a custom search engine.