He wrote his most famous song 50 years ago: “American Pie” made American singer Don McLean a star, now he has been immortalized in Hollywood with a star.

Los Angeles (AP) – American singer and songwriter Don McLean, who rose to fame with the song “American Pie”, now has a place of honor in Hollywood.

The 75-year-old unveiled a star plaque on the “Walk of Fame” in the heart of Hollywood on Monday. This honor coincides with the 50th anniversary of the release of his album “American Pie” in 1971.

McLean said in his speech that he sang from a young age and took refuge in music as a child with asthma. Obviously proud of his success, the songwriter said stars like Madonna covered “American Pie.” He cited an invitation from Bill Clinton to the White House to sing “American Pie” on New Years Eve 1999 as the highlight of his career.

The musician appeared at the ceremony accompanied by his girlfriend Paris Dunn (27). The model is the love of her life, said the two-time divorced McLean.

In front of a bakery

The star-spangled plaque on Hollywood Boulevard was placed in front of a bakery called “The Pie Hole” to match the title of the song “American Pie”. According to distributors, this is the 2700th star of the “Walk of Fame”.

With “American Pie”, the songwriter had written a hymn to his idol, the rock’n’roll musician Buddy Holly, who died in an accident in 1959. The eight-and-a-half-minute ballad in homage to a rock era has the famous chorus “The Day The Music Died”.

In 2001, “American Pie” was number five of the “365 Songs of the Century” compiled by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The Grammy Award winner has been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

His other hits include songs like “And I Love You So”, “Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)”, “Castles in the Air” and his version of the song “Crying” by Roy Orbison.