It sounds incredible, but it’s been two decades since the Twin Towers attacks that stuck us on TV all day. One of the most serious global crises I can remember, and which Apple wanted to remember this week with its documentary ’11 -S: This is how the White House lived. ‘

Terrorist attacks, mythical groups and the unique 007

The documentary does not have a trailer that allows us to glimpse what can be seen there, but with official information we know that it has the 12 hours after the attacks with the testimonies of the most senior officials of the then US government (including President George Bush’s own). The original version is narrated by actor Jeff Daniels and includes 200 previously unseen photographs of the attack.

It’s ironic, but despite the fact that in the end it was Amazon that took over MGM and the James Bond franchise, Apple also has a documentary about the character and his portrayal by Daniel Craig in the works. It will last 45 minutes and will be available on Apple TV + from September 17th.

Another documentary Apple is preparing is ‘The Velvet Underground’, which will tell the story of the musical group of the same name. It will include unreleased recordings of his rehearsals and concerts, as well as experimental art and songs. It can be seen from October 15th.

Finally, for the documentary ration, the news of a new track entitled ‘The Fight Before Christmas’ comes to us from Deadline. It premieres November 26 on Apple TV + and will tell how a Christmas party that a neighbor in Idaho wanted to throw got out of hand and ended up out of hand.

The last trailer of the week is the new trailer for ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’, with which Apple TV + wants to have its own comedy show today. Comedian Stewart left the limelight in 2015 after ‘The Daily Show’, so this bet with Apple seems interesting to those who have followed his ways. We’ll see it alongside an exclusive podcast on September 30.

The latest news today is confirmation of the end of the ‘Dickinson’ series, the third season of which will include the final farewell chapters. This is not an abrupt end, since the creator has precisely planned that the series will last three seasons.

Remember that today Friday you also have new episodes of the second season of ‘See’, ‘Mr. Corman ‘,’ Truth be Told ‘and’ Ted Lasso ‘. For them!

Image | Steve harvey