Many of the screenshots we take with mobile cease to be useful as soon as we send them to someone. Over time, these extra captures accumulate on your mobile and sooner or later you will have to clean up.

Of course, you can always open the Gallery app and delete the screenshots, but there’s a more automatic way to do that, with the Mark app. Mark is an app that automatically deletes the screenshots you take after a few minutes.

This capture will self-destruct in 1 minute

Some layers of customization slightly change how screenshots work, such as being able to remove them from your notification, but generally screenshots taken remain saved until you manually remove them. If you take a lot of screenshots, they can eat up a lot of your phone’s memory over time.

Mark is a nifty app that detects when you’ve taken a screenshot and asks if you want to automatically delete it after a certain time, 1 minute, unless you change it in its options. After this time, the capture disappears from the mobile as if by magic. The idea is that you have enough time to send it to an app like WhatsApp before it’s automatically deleted.

The good thing about Mark is that it only automatically deletes the captures you choose and not all of them.

The application is extremely simple, since it has only two parameters: the minutes it will take to delete the screenshot and if you want the automatic notification asking you if you enable self-destruction to disappear after 40 seconds. . The app works great, although you have to make sure the phone’s battery saving system doesn’t “kill” it, preventing it from doing its job.

The only downside of the app is that the Google Play version only works with Android 10 or below. If you have Android 11 or above, you need to install this Google Drive APK, which requires the new permission to manage all files that was introduced in this version of Android.

Mark – Auto delete screenshots