Discord ignores Microsoft’s offer to halt talks, remains independent, Wall Street Journal says

Almost a month ago we gave the latest news from Discord and Microsoft. The second was very interested in getting the first and by that time and according to the Wall Street Journal, the talks were well advanced. A process which, according to the same newspaper, has just been interrupted to keep Discord independent.

It seems that the well-advanced conversations did not materialize. Again, according to the Wall Street Journal, Discord is not interested in Microsoft’s remembered takeover bid, it was around $ 10 billion.

An interrupted purchase

For now, we do not know what may be the motivation for this break in an agreement that seemed to be very close in time, a break that we do not know if it will be final, but which does not prevent Discord from becoming public.

Apparently, for now on Discord, they’re committed to staying independent, as the platform is stable and has a good track record. With growing revenues, the business sees no need to be part of another larger business.

This must be taken into account since 2019, the company saw its business volume increase, from nearly 45 million dollars obtained in 2019, to 130 million in 2020.

It must be remembered that Microsoft was not the only company interested, so it would not be surprising if news of another company interested in acquiring a platform that would surely strengthen its presence in the gaming market would be surprising to the future, the same goal that Microsoft sought to energize the Xbox ecosystem.

We will now have to wait for how the stages evolve in the coming days or weeks. Be on the lookout if the conversations pick up again, unlikely now, Discord is betting on independence or waiting for another superior offer from another company.

Via | IGN

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